About Us

EngineCAL is engine calibration. It is what gives that unique character to each type of engine. It is what infuses life in the engine. Without it a beautifully engineered 5 litre brute would be a great hunk of metal. Without it an efficient yet potent 1 litre turbo-charged direct-injection gasoline engine would be a small heap of fine metal. Without it a frugal parallel hybrid, designed to mate the best traits of an I.C. engine to the torquey ways of an electric motor, would be just modern powertrain art. Without it, alright, you got it.

A huge set of esoteric code, no matter how expertly written, needs to be calibrated cleverly and carefully to take control of the engine. An automobile manufacturer devises a clear and focused calibration strategy on the lines of the kind of perception it wants for their product considering the type of vehicle and its end application. If the engine control unit is the brain and fuel injection system the heart, calibration is the soul.

A famous person has said –“If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins”. EngineCAL was conceived by automobile professionals with a desire for excellence in the automobile domain. This mission is undoubtedly arduous but with years of experience in mechanical, calibration, electronics and software departments of Automobile Manufacturers & OEMs, the founding members, armed with a systematic roadmap, are getting there. We will ensure that both passion and reason are balanced.

Our mission, which is our philosophy too – Safe, Clean and Efficient Motoring.

With successful projects completed, both at the Manufacturer & Aftermarket level, our know-how has been incessantly developing. Our Team, our core asset, too has evolved and grown.