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CarNET is EngineCAL’s connected cars cloud. It was designed with the single-minded focus of optimum use of the data received from the car’s OBD-II engine datastream, location etc.. CarNET’s architecture caters to the end-user, businesses and automobile manufacturers.

It is designed to be fully autonomous and execute cutting edge algorithms which have varied application from end-users to Vehicle R&D. CarNET supports role-based login and can also give the administrator unprecedented control over his/her vehicle management tasks.

EngineCAL’s cloud self-calibrates as per each connected vehicle’s engine management system to provide accurate results for all analytics.

CarNET’s capabilities are focussed on creating a benchmark in Connected Car Services with accurate prognostics using several functions like advanced learning &; adaptation, engine parameter modeling, self-calibration etc.


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CarNET for Prototype Vehicle Testing for Automobile Manufacturers & OEMs

CarNET provides real-time engine and vehicle data to its administrator making it ideal for vehicle R&D departments of automobile manufacturers and OEMs. With customizable cloud and smartphone application based algorithms, a more effective utilization of vehicle validation trials, endurance runs etc. is supported by CarNET. As passenger car manufacturers move beyond traditional chassis dynamometer emission cycle tests to Real-World Emission testing, CarNET is ready and able.

CarNET for End-of-Line Vehicle Quality Testing for Automobile Manufacturers

CarNET and E.V.A. have also been designed to be deployed at the end-of-line quality testing for a manufactured car. When manufacturing in large volumes, the standard quality practice is to test a few engines from manufactured batches. If the selected engines are within the expected power & torque band the tested engine together with its batch is moved to vehicle assembly. The newly assembled vehicle is then driven out and after a short test, it is packed for shipping.

Our manufacturer-specific vehicle testing ecosystem can be used to check the powertrain even in the shortest of test drives from the end-of-line to the parking. This will ensure no car goes unchecked for component issues which can lead to excess engine friction or lower than expected torque range.

EngineCAL can work closely with the Manufacturer to build a custom eol vehicle test solution.

CarNET for Business

CarNET provides a powerful ecosystem for Car Businesses. Whether your business revolves around managing a fleet of cars or buying and selling automobiles, CarNET will provide you with all the tools necessary to efficiently maintain, manage and service your cars.
CarNET takes the technical information from your car’s OBD-II port to listen to your engine’s vitals. No, not just error codes, but make sense of the engine data stream in real-time to give you an authentic prognosis.
We know how important your car or your fleet of cars is for your business. We appreciate the fact that you put in a lot of effort to choose your type of automobile for your business. Who better that an ex-OEM team to help you maintain your asset. CarNET has all our expertise and experience inside it. If reliability is a virtue you believe in with conviction, then EngineCAL’s CarNET is for your business.