Connected Cars

Welcome to EngineCAL’s Connected Cars.

Connected Cars, as the phrase suggests, is the technology which enables connecting the automobile to the cloud which broadly facilitates vehicle monitoring and relevant services for the driver. It is the application of Internet of Things (IoT) to the automotive domain.

With the unique opportunity of having worked for both the automobile industry and the aftermarket, at EngineCAL we understand the impact of the typical urban environmental conditions on the automobile.

EngineCAL brings to the end-user, via Cai, a driver-centric ecosystem which will help reduce a car’s tailpipe emissions, improve fuel consumption figures and keep it that way.

Our connected car services have been designed for integrating with automobile manufacturers with complete customization capability by Connected Car Data Analytics Bangalore.

EngineCAL’s Engine & Vehicle Analytics (E.V.A.) is available via our connected car services to automobile manufacturers for R&D and EOL vehicle quality testing.

EngineCAL’s Connected Cars are also focussed on the used-car market to help businesses assess engine health via EngineInsight.

Safe, Clean and Efficient Motoring

With BS6 to enter metropolitans in 2020, the onus for cleaner air remains on BS4 cars being strictly sold pan-India. But a BS4 Vehicle can deteriorate markedly, slipping below its certified emission limits if not maintained. Any system issue of a diesel engine equipped car can quite easily bump up the emission which also means an increase in CO2. The lower the CO2, the better the fuel consumption and lesser the contribution to global warming.

A BS4 Vehicle undergoes Engine & Exhaust Gas Treatment Systems (EGT) deterioration due to 4 reasons – ONE -traffic and environmental conditions in the City, TWO – driving style, THREE – Poor maintenance and FOUR – high Sulfur content in fuel , i.e, using non-BS4 fuel. This has a direct bearing on the air quality because each component of engine emissions go up. Carbon Monoxide (CO), Hydrocarbons (HC), Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) and Particulate Matter (PM) are all components of tail-pipe emission, each having its own respective harmful effects to living beings. It is clear that there are enough challenges in the current BS4 scenario itself.

EngineCAL’s cloud – CarNET, captures the best ideas from our team of core automobile engineers & experts from telematics, infotainment, and connected cars domains to overcome this challenge. CarNET has been designed to self-learn/adapt using complex algorithms which enable it to understand each driver and his/her car. CarNET never stops learning.