EngineInsight – A software to check engine health 

The concept of EngineInsight was designed around the fact that various engine systems like the forced induction system, coolant system, fuel system, the block compression pressure etc. need to be assessed to give an authentic health condition of a vehicle’s most important and expensive unit – the engine. Poor engine inspections result in the circulation of high tail-pipe emission cars and this only compounds the rising air pollution problem, not to mention a dent in the customer’s wallet because of high fuel consumption and premature component failure. A test-drive or a cursory check for any tell-tale signs of trouble in the engine bay is just not good enough.
The logic is simple. If the various engine systems are not performing as per manufacturer-specified standards, then the car is not up to the mark. EngineInsight checks the vehicle’s engine systems and reports back immediately after a guided drive. This process is quick, low-cost and can easily be deployed. EngineInsight brings to car businesses, garages and even the RTOs engine health check capability never seen before.

For Business

EngineCAL’s patent pending ecosystem brings Automobile & OEM style engine analysis processes to the Aftermarket for cutting-edge diagnostics to quantify the wear & the tear of an engine. By studying the engine parameters of an automobile, the accurate measure of the level of deterioration of the engine is now a reality. This deterioration has a bearing in fuel consumption, engine component life and the all-important, air quality. EngineCAL’s sophisticated prognostics caps tailpipe emissions and fuel consumption. Putting the results of these complex logs into a form which can be easily assimilated is the core function of the EngineInsight concept.

EngineInsight can also be deployed for the process of re-sale where price is currently set based on the market value for that genre of car, manufacturing year and kilometers run. A cursory glance at the exterior and interior conditions combined with the factors mentioned above may not always be the right way to arrive at a fair value for the car. Without taking the ‘actual’ engine health into account there can never really be a fair evaluation. Afterall, the engine is the most vital part of the car and also the most expensive.
For the first time, a scientific, reliable and efficient method to check the health of an Aftermarket car engine, without expensive test equipment, is available to Service Centers, Garages and Second-Hand Car Companies etc.


EngineInsight Prognostics Health Report

An engine health report generated by EngineInsight.

The process of generating an Engine Health Report

Take a look at the easy steps of generating a quick engine health report for any OBDII compliant car